Website Nomad - We take care

So, you are not interested in hosting environments, firewalls and how to block brute force attacks? Are you expert in malware scanning, file repairing, disk space monitoring? And of course you love to take backups regularly, you want to update your plugings and WordPress immediately when a new version is out? You love to read the industry news about new attacks and viruses…? No, we don’t think so (some of you can be that, of course, but majority does not).

So, you focus and prioritize on your own business? Let Website Nomad take care of the hosting, updates and security.

For a moderate monthly fee you get it all: the hosting plan, updates and security scannings. PLUS many plugins, that are worth pure money. We pay, you use.

And don’t forget: you get a free SSL / HTTPS in your monthly package. Enjoy and be carefree!