Website Nomad - Morocco

In November 2016 I had a website project for a Moroccan trekking guide. And I had been dreaming of visiting Morocco for a longer time, so the timing was perfect. Here we go, to Morocco, alone, with only one backpack and camera gear with me. I would both take photos for the site and visit different places in Morocco.

Morocco is a country of contrast. Old and new. Poor and rich. Chaos and calm. Religion, tradition, modern, crazy. I just loved it. For so many reasons. And the food - I really miss those eggs, olives, kefta and tajine...

Sometimes you just fall in love with a country. Morocco did that to me. It touched me somewhere inside, something in it felt so familiar, ancient and timeless.

When you go to Morocco, take your time. Two weeks is a minimum. And if you want to travel inside the country, it takes time. A lot of time. I have never sat in (collective) taxis so much. But I started to love it too. So much to see from the window. Listening to local music from the radio.

I flew to Marrakech. Jemaa el Fna in the night, wow. Photographers paradise - if you manage to take your images without trouble... People in Morocco absolutely hate to be photographed, so that was a bit of a challenge... Never take an image without asking for permission first. And then, you have all these beautiful places and landscapes to photograph. If you go to Morocco, you absolutely must see the mountains. And the Sahara. And Marrakech. And the coast - oh Essaouira! And I still have so much to see, so I am definitely going back.

People in Morocco are mostly very nice. I love the spirit: hospitality, smiling, always joking and laughing. They are hardworking, modest, thankful even if they are poor. They invite you to a tea (sure, many of them will try to sell you something, because it is their job). I was amazed how well people talked English, but it did not hurt to speak some French too. And Morocco is a very safe country too. I had no trouble even when I was travelling alone as a woman.

To be continued...

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